Connect with Yellow Dog Consulting in March!

Hank and Tully talking it up
Hank and Tully talking it up

Well this year is flying by already – stay tuned for a birthday party in April and anniversary party in May! If you’d like to catch up with Yellow Dog Consulting – here’s where you can find us in March!

Friday, March 2nd 10 AM
Dog Park Networking!

Join Hank and me at Mercer Island Off Leash for some swimming and tennis ball throwing. You can’t miss Hank, he’s the loud one who barks at tennis balls and demands all the attention (I have no idea where he gets that from!) Let me know if you’ll be joining us – and you don’t need a dog to come play!

Thursday, March 8th
Puget Sound Business Journal Biz Mix
Wine, Women and networking? Yeah, I’ll be there!

Friday, March 9th
NWEN’s Breakfast Buzz
NWEN is one of my favorite organizations; the breakfast buzz is a great opportunity to network with entrepreneurs and service providers around the Puget Sound. Plus, the breakfast rotates between Seattle & Bellevue – this month it’s in Seattle, hope to see you there!

Thursday, March 15th
eWomen Network Luncheon
This is a fantastic networking event each month and THE place to learn how to most effectively network I believe. This month’s speaker is my friend and fantastic woman, Rachel Dexheimer of Equispire.

Thursday, March 22nd
NWEN eDate
Join me for eDate where entrepreneurs and experts meet. And some how Yellow Dog Consulting will be there to answer those burning marketing questions.


Here’s a couple other events that look great but don’t fit with my schedule…

Geekwire Summit
March 7th
If you work with the startup community you need to be here.

eWomen SBI’s

Strategic Business Introductions are a great way to get introduced to eWomen Network with a small group of people instead of 100 like at a luncheon. I understand it can be overwhelming for folks, an SBI is a great way to check out eWomen. There is one SBI in March and one in early April (3/20 & 4/3) let me know if you want to go to one and I’ll join you!


Let me know if you’re able to join me or if you know of other great networking events I should check out!

Dog Park Networking!

In case you missed our newsletter yesterday – we hope you can join us (Elizabeth & Hank) for our first Dog Park Networking event!
Hank at Mercer Island Off Leash
Yellow Dog Consulting wouldn’t be who we are without Hank, the worlds greatest yellow dog!
Starting in March we will be hosting Dog Park Networking! Come join Hank & I on Friday, March 2nd, 10 AM, at the Luther Burbank Off Leash area on Mercer Island for some dog park fun and informal networking. Let me know if you’re coming and make sure to bring a towel if your dog is a swimmer like Hank!

The Story of Hank’s Arthritis

Hank’s first Acupuncture appointment

While checking twitter this morning I came across an article about a new potential solution for dogs with arthritis. While it sounds expensive and we haven’t seen long-term benefits of it YET, I’ll be keeping an eye on this.

In June of 2010 Hank woke up one morning and could barely walk. He limped along and didn’t want to go up and down the stairs (a problem in a townhouse). So, we took him to the vet and after some x-rays discovered that our 4-year-old lab has arthritis.

We talked with friends who have had dogs with arthritis and did a bit of research. We decided to try naturopathic pain relief and acupuncture for Hank. YES Acupuncture for the dog. (We know, we promise not to reproduce.) And the acupuncture has been a good solution for Hank. Except Hank HATES needles. In fact his vet has to special order needles they use on birds for Hank. He now goes each change of season for his acupuncture appointment and we load up a Kong with cheese for him. He LOVES the vet – it’s the place with all the cheese!

This past fall our vet started offering laser therapy and we thought that might be a great solution since the bernese mountain dogs across the street from us had AMAZING success with it. But laser therapy didn’t work for Hank right now. So, we continue with acupuncture, walks, supplements, diet changes and swimming – Hank loves to swim!

Someday it may also include a stem cell injection, but for now, bird needles and keeping the weight off are doing OK.