July Pop Culture Roundup

The Girl with All the GiftsWhat a busy birthday month it’s been! The heat has helped my pop culture intake immensely. From staying inside air conditioned buildings, to sitting outside on my patio reading, I’ve devoured a good chunk of pop culture this month!


I LOVED The Martian. What a fantastic book, I’m not a big science person (note: the book is NOT sci-fi!) and this book did a great job of being smart, and not making me feel like an idiot because I’m (literally) not a rocket scientist. LOVED it.

Then I picked up The Girl with All the Gifts. Woah! It’s about a zombie girl who has cognitive function and the post-apocalyptic British world they live in. I’ve read and watched enough zombie stuff that I kept thinking “well that’s not how it would happen…” which I really liked about it. Changing tropes and throwing curve balls left and right, it was a GREAT book, and I hope the movie doesn’t ruin it.

autograph from ernie clineFinally this month, I went to an author reading & book signing with Ernie Cline at my local Powell’s (note: happiest place on earth). It was a FABULOUS evening, he did not disappoint, and I got a signed copy of Armada, which I came home and devoured. I loved his first book, Ready Player One, and Armada was so much fun. It also takes place in Beaverton which was an added bonus! Armada is filled with pop culture references, it’s fun and fast paced and perfectly geeky for me. I LOVED it.

July was easily one of my best reading months ever.

Coming up in August…

I need to get back to my comics and clear through that pile. I got a copy of The Hedge Knight for my birthday, a Game of Thrones prequel graphic novel which I’m excited to read. I also got Go Set a Watchmen, which has received mixed reviews, but I’ll still read it. And I should get back to The Lord of Opium and finish that finally! Too many good books in my lineup lately!


I finally saw Jurassic World this past weekend and it was exactly what I was hoping it would be! It was super fun, it didn’t take itself too seriously, and Jake Johnson’s Jurassic Park t-shirt made me laugh every time. My biggest question of the movie? What were the shoes that Bryce Dallas Howard wore the whole movie? They may need to be my new go to heels…Also- I need Vincent D’Onofrio to be the bad guy in everything I watch – I loved in in Daredevil earlier this summer too.

I’ve had They Came Together in my Netflix queue for a long time now, and finally watched it on Saturday night. If you like David Wain movies, or Amy Poehler or Paul Rudd (and if you don’t like those two, you’re broken) then you’ll love it. It makes fun of all the rom-com tropes and I laughed throughout!

I’m still really enjoying UnReal on Lifetime this summer. I finally started watching Mr Robot, and that’s kept me busy this weekend with the rain. Discovering the theory that Christian Slater is maybe Tyler Durden hadn’t crossed my mind till I read it, and WOAH, now I can’t stop thinking about it. I need to get caught up! Masters of Sex is making some big leaps in the story telling this season, I don’t like the new baby story line, but I usually don’t like the addition of kids to story lines, so I hope they come up with something to make it worthwhile. I watched the first episode of Deutschland 83 and liked it but haven’t been in the mood to pay that much attention to a show, so hoping that I get back into it soon! I’m really loving The Jim Gaffigan Show too, if you like his standup, you’ll love his show.

In August I’m looking forward to Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp! on Netflix. Of course I’m excited for Fear the Walking Dead on AMC!


I’ve started listening to Planet Money podcasts lately and there’s a lot of fascinating information, I especially liked the Tweak the World episode, and now I can’t stop thinking about the IRS doing my taxes for me. WTF had Robert Kirkman on a couple weeks ago which I enjoyed listening to since he writes two comics I love. He also had a FASCINATING interview with Wyatt Cenac that I listedn to earlier this week. The Nerdist had great episodes with Paul Rudd and Scott Weinger this month (Steve from Full House). They also had a great hostful last week, and some good stuff from ComicCon!

Attention Doesn’t Equal Success

Rudy - ready to go
Rudy, my dad’s lab, is ALWAYS happy to be the center of attention

Last week I was listening to a great call by my pal Debbie Page Whitlock. During the call she mentioned “Attention doesn’t equal success.

It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear that day. People get loud (yes, pot/kettle, I get it) at events, online and in your inbox. It doesn’t mean they’re winning, it means they’re loud. Maybe instead of paying attention to the people talking about how awesome they are, listen to the people telling you how awesome someone else is.

It feels great to receive praise, and to be talked about. But make sure you aren’t always the one talking about how awesome you are. So how do you get people to talk about how awesome you are?

  • Give First, SHARE always. You’ve heard this before (I hope). If you want to be praised, start by praising others. Write that LinkedIn recommendation of a service provider or colleague. Write up a quick Google+ review of someone.
  • Be Awesome. Why aren’t people raving about you? Maybe you’re too head down and forgetting to be awesome. We all get into a rut, make sure you are being awesome, and not half-assing your work.
  • Be a Resource – do you blog? Make sure you’re posting your posts regularly on social media, and tweak the message so it resonates to your target market and your specific social media audience. I wrote a post the other day, and when I tweaked the message on Twitter, I noticed multiple people caught it and retweeted. Check your messaging and be a resource
  • Volunteer – If you’re involved with an organization make sure you’re volunteering and offering to do stuff. I always offer to be a table leader at eWomen, it’s extra exposure for me and I’m helping the organization.
  • Donate – Sometimes donating an hour of your time as a raffle item, or just a colleague in need can go a long way. I recently received a free one hour consult from a service provider, and it was so helpful I would have gladly paid for her time. I immediately wrote her a review online as a thank you.