3 Common Video Marketing Mistakes

We all know video is important for our business and on our websites, but it sure seems expensive and time consuming! My friends over at Compass Rose Video are hosting a 3 part webinar series on Video Marketing Mistakes. Something I think a few of us could use!


A Virtual Workshop that will get you started on your Video Marketing Strategy!

Video is the most powerful tool you can add to your current Content Marketing Strategy – if used correctly. When used incorrectly, poor videos will drive away 60% of new visitors to your website…forever!
Do you worry that your videos might be sub-par in any of these 3 areas?

  1. Poor Content
  2. Quality of Video
  3. On Camera Performance

Compass Rose Video is proud to introduce this 3 part Webinar where you will have fun learning how to create effective, quality Videos that will grow your business, instead of sabotaging it.

Click here to view the Registration Page!

If you can’t make any of the Webinar session dates, not to worry – all the sessions will be recorded and you will receive all the replays.

The Great 12th Anniversary Lockout…

lazy ass hank
Hank didn’t even realize we were locked outside for 2 hours, he was happy to enjoy his nap!

Sunday was our 12th wedding anniversary. We had a great weekend and amazing dinner out on Saturday night. Sunday afternoon my husband and I were sitting outside and enjoying the weather and talking about all the yard work we’ve been doing. I went inside to get my phone, and decided I’d run DJ Roomba while we were all outside. About a half hour later I went to open the door to go run some errands and our damn roomba had pushed the wooden stick back into the well and locked us out of our house! AWESOME.

After checking all available windows and doors, we called a locksmith. A guy showed up about an hour later and after a few minutes we got in the house. And then we purchased the most romantic anniversary gift, a keyless lock pad for the back door. Because evidently 12 years is a key…

But here’s the deal, it’s okay to screw up sometimes, it reminds you that you need to check your systems and maybe put new systems in place. I screwed up on a newsletter for a client last week. And now I know I need to check that one piece before I hit schedule on EVERY newsletter I manage from now on.

Sometimes an accident can lead to some good new lessons learned. And sometimes you’re grateful when your brother and his wife show up so you can run to the grocery store to go to the bathroom…

June Pop Culture Roundup

And just like that, June is OVER. Wow that flew right by didn’t it? I know a lot of great pop culture events happened, and I caught a few of them. Here’s what I was reading, watching and listening to this month.


The MartianMy dad wouldn’t shut up The Martian so I dropped my other book and can’t put this down. I was out of town last week so didn’t have time to finish it, but when I carry a book EVERYWHERE with me that’s a good sign. Hoping for some quiet time in the yard this week to finish reading it! But man it’s addictive from the first line!

I read half of God Forsaken Idaho – a book I’d read about, it a few short stories that take place in Eastern Idaho, where I have some family. I can’t remember why I wanted to read this book, but I didn’t love it and probably won’t finish it.

I was reading The Lord of Opium  which is a sequel to a great book I read years ago called The House of the Scorpion. It’s on hold at the moment while I zip through The Martian, but I’ll be back to finish it soon!Ernest Cline is an awesome author!

Coming in July: Go Set a Watchmen, the anticipated release from the world’s greatest author, Harper Lee. I can’t WAIT for July 14th! And the same day Armada comes out from the guy who wrote Ready Player One, one of my favorite books of all time. I also need to get caught up on my comics, Negan had a get out of jail free card but didn’t use it last time I read The Walking Dead…


With a few road trips lately I’ve been listening to my fare share of podcasts. The Nerdist had not one but TWO hostful episodes (my favorite!) and an awesome episode with Allison Janney, one of my favorite actresses! Like most podcast listeners I really enjoyed the President Obama interview on WTF – Marc Maron did  a great job of having a conversation with the President, what he said about Michelle not liking him being late showing up was really a great reminder of how lucky so many of us are. The Late Show Podcast is helping me to get ready for Colbert’s show to start in September. It’s a fun behind the scenes each week of what’s going on as they’re creating a new late night talk show. What podcasts have you been enjoying lately?


I finally finished Bloodline! It was really good. Not amazing and I didn’t know HOW they could set it up for a second season, but boy they sure did in those final few minutes. Coach Taylor and Lindsey Weir FTW.

I have ONE episode of Orange is the New Black left to watch. I blew through the season and am sad to watch it and finish it up…

Orphan Black S3 did not dissapoint!Orphan Black finished an intense season with some interesting developments, I was sure Rachel’s mom was going to show up, and I’m glad she did. But the doctor with the creepy bug coming out of his mouth? Ewww. And a lot of death’s this season, we’ll see how many stick…

Holy Game of Thrones, speaking of people who aren’t really dead. Part of me wants Jon Snow to really be dead because that’s what we were shown, but there’s just NO WAY it’ll stick. He’s too integral to the overall storyline, and crazy smoke monster priestess is there so he’s coming back one way or another. What a fantastic season of TV though, I loved it.

I still need to finish up Nurse Jackie, and I’ve rewatched a few episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt when I was visiting my best friend last week. That earworm theme song…

Masters of Sex Season 3 is coming!July is going to be a great TV month with Masters of Sex returning (did you hear Josh Charles is going to have an arc this season? hooray!). Married is back on FX, which I really enjoyed. Wet Hot American Summer is coming to Netflix and I am SO excited! And I may finally marathon Veep this summer.

What’s on your summer TV list?