August Pop Culture Roundup!

watch mr robot!I was going to wait and post this next week to make sure I included my thoughts on the season finale of Mr. Robot, but since that’s been postponed a week, I figured let’s get this going! Here are the latest and greatest pop culture finds I’ve had this month…


After an epic and awesome book month in July, I spent August getting caught up on comics!

The Walking Dead  – I love this comic, it’s the comic book that got me into comics on a regular basis. This current story arc and new “big bad” is pretty creepy, and just did some really awful things. I’m curious where it’ll go. Oh Ezekiel…

ODY-C – I like Matt Faction, he’s a Portland comic book author and I really enjoy his series Sex Criminals. But ODY-C was NOT the series for me. If you’d like to read it, I have the first 5 issues, I couldn’t even finish the 2nd one…

Alex & Ada – I really enjoyed this! My dad gave me the first two trades of it to checkout, and I read the first one this past week. It’s about a very life-like android with AI and then some tweaks that are made. I’ll be reading the second trade shortly and hoping the story continues to keep my attention!

Air – I bought this trade a while back and thought it was kind of fun. A flight attendant meets a passenger who has that “man of mystery” mystique to him – she ends up traveling to find/rescue him and while it’s cheesy and predictable, for a Sunday afternoon quick read, it kept my attention! Also – written by the author of Ms. Marvel!

Up Next: I need to read the new Harper Lee, and I picked up California at Powell’s a few weeks ago, because evidently I only read about life after the apocalypse (insert your own therapist comments below…)


WTF with Jason Bateman – on a recent road trip my husband I listened to Marc Maron interview Jason Bateman – it was a great interview and I learned a lot about Bateman’s family and his life that I didn’t realize (his parents parenting style was interesting…)

WTF with Lynn Shelton – Seattle’s indie film darling – this was a really interesting interview with a very cool woman who I didn’t realize was so awesome. I’ve enjoyed a couple of her movies and now I need to go watch them all! A native Seattle-ite it was fun to hear her talk about local spots!

Nerdist with Christian Slater & Rami Malek – I’m LOVING Mr. Robot and this interview was super fun. Christian Slater is a total smartass (yeah, we’re working on the sequel right now…). Plus, Rami went to high school with Christian Slater’s step sister and they went on a date, and that realization in the podcast is worth listening to it all. Plus, they talked about Mr Robot!

Planet Money always teaches me something, Ask Me Another always keeps me awake on road trips (yay trivia!) and I find myself arguing in the car about TV shows when I listen to Grantland Pop Culture. What podcasts are you listening to lately?


Mr Robot- Holy crap this is the show of the summer. It is SO smart, so twisty-turny and so intelligent (yes I said the same thing twice). The fact it’s on USA is mind-blowing, and an excellent sign for the network. I love lazy summer TV that I can watch while checking social media, but Mr. Robot is a show I watch with all devices turned off, and usually a half hour of texting my friend after to figure out what I just watched. Plus, BD Wong as the complete opposite of a Jurassic World Paleontologist.

UnReal – I thought this was the show of the summer, and while it could be in watching the catching up on social media category – I was always really entertained and am curious where season 2 will pick up and head. I hope it made bigger stars out of a few of the actors – and if all shows featured Constance Zimmer I’d be OK with that!

Wet Hot American Summer First Day of Camp – The movie is so ridiculous and over the top – I was glad I re-watched it before the series came out. I watched all 8 episodes in 2 or 3 days – it was so fun to watch 40+ year old actors pretending to be 16. The back stories were hilarious and Paul Rudd never ages. It’s annoying really…

The first episode of Fear the Walking Dead was so sadly underwhelming. I really hope it picks up and makes me care about these people, but so far I want all 3 of the main couple’s kids to go away and for the student who knows what’s going on to become the hero of the series. I do love Kim Dickens though – so have hopes it won’t stay like this…

I’m still enjoying The Jim Gaffigan Show, and not loving this season of Masters of Sex. I’m hoping that Netflix’ new series Narco is good – ever since Entourage I’ve wanted a good Pablo Escobar story!

What Systems Are You Missing?

spiderman reward system - genius
Reward systems worked as a kid, and they can work now too!

I’ve had a lot of conversations lately about getting SYSTEMS into place. The hardest part about running a small business is being consistent because you’re doing all the things. I got an email this morning from a friend that they need a strategy and system for their newsletters. I had a conversation last week with a speaker who needs to put follow up systems in place so that those warm leads in the room get followed up with before they are on to the next speaker pitch.

I wrote about this in my newsletter this month too. You need systems in place to be successful. Why isn’t your business growing? Because you got busy and forgot to circle back. One quick follow up isn’t going to do the trick, it takes at least 4 interactions to get the sale and often time closer to 10-12.

What Systems are you Lacking? 

  • A monthly schedule for your newsletter so you know when it’s going out
  • A template for your follow up email so it’s ready to go before your big speech
  • A social media schedule so you aren’t wasting time online (unless you want to!)
  • Blog categories & schedules so you know what you’re going to write about each week (yes week!)
  • A professionally done video instead of doing demo webinars every week

What do you need to do to get these systems in place?

  • If you need to talk it through, that’s what I’m here for
  • If you have a virtual assistant who can manage it, add it to their list
  • Assign 1 blog post a month to 4 employees – BOOM
  • Outsource inside your team
  • Outsource outside your team
  • Leave the things you don’t like to those who do like it (God Bless Accountants!)

Stop talking about it. Get your systems in place.

Why I’m Not on Facebook

anti-facebookIf you know me, then you know I’m not on Facebook. It’s true. I own a marketing firm and often suggest to clients that they should have a Facebook page, yet I myself refuse to join Facebook. Why?

Well, the short answer is, I just don’t like that many people.

The long answer is this: I graduated from college before Facebook started. And then it started and it was just for college kids. And then all of a sudden my parents were on it. And I was pretty convinced Facebook was the next MySpace and would be gone in about the same time. So, I held out. And then I began to realize, Facebook is a great excuse to stalk your friends and family, and not actually have to talk to them.

What have I missed?

A few birthday’s from friends I didn’t know it was their birthday anyway. I did miss a cousins’ (or two) baby being born. But here’s the deal: Why didn’t they think it was important to call/email/text/skywrite/wire and tell me? Because Facebook is an excuse to not talk to people.

You’ll never find me on Facebook. I thought I might join after I left the Business Journal and then I realized, I don’t have a free evening to un-tag myself from photos all night long (evidently it’s a real evening activity for some folks). If I want to know what’s going on in your life, I’ll call, I’ll email, I’ll text. And just because I don’t know what your kid (or dog) did today doesn’t mean I don’t care. It means it’s really not that important, is it?