How to Lose Clients and Alienate Your Brand

urgent!Yesterday I got an email from my client forwarding me an ad pitch they received. For my clients who advertise I often am the point person to discuss the benefits, demographics, etc. So when my client sent me the email I reviewed it and couldn’t believe what I was reading…

I would like to offer you some serious discounts in advertising to have you involved. We have always had a XXX in our publication and have just vacated that space as the XXX that was there was having some difficulties with their advertising (they were being sued) and had to stop.

First off, YEAH. Are you kidding me? Sure let me give you a lot of money and if for some reason we stop you’ll talk crap all over town. They didn’t mention the previous advertiser by name, but if we take a look at a previous issue, it’ll be obvious who it is. CLASSY. Second, if you’re giving us a serious discount then that means the ad is only worth that much and we won’t be jumping to pay full price in the future. Third (and totally minor compared to the rest of this), but this publication is NOT our demographic and not a good fit.

And of course they end with my FAVORITE sales tactic:

Let me know if you have any interest in taking this offer and filling this place, you are the first XXX I have offered this to. Please let me know either way asap as I would love to fill this space swiftly.

Urgency. It doesn’t work for me. Your need/desire for a quick turn around is not my problem. I won’t be dropping everything so you can make your sale quota for the month. It’s too bad your previous advertiser is getting sued, but since you told me, there’s no way I’ll ever advertise with you.

April Pop Culture Roundup

daredevil-posterApril has been a busy pop culture month, especially when it comes to TV. And so we’ll focus on that a bit more this month, I know I did!


Justified – The Perfect Series Finale. This show wrapped up exactly like it was supposed to, and while it wasn’t happily ever after, for these characters, it really was the perfect fit. If you haven’t discovered this show, do yourself a favor and get to Amazon Prime and watch it. You’ll be glad you did. It’s the kind of show that has something for everyone I think.

The Americans- Well that finale was…CRAZY. This season played out so differently than I thought it might but I loved it as I always do. FX continues to produce some of the greatest television out there.

Game of Thrones- It’s back! Braavos has a giant man standing over the entrance AND a black and white house. Drogon has returned! The promise of new groups meeting and connecting this season is what I’m most excited for.

Mad Men- I really want to like these final few episodes but it’s such a slow burn to get to the series finale, and I have no idea how it’s going to end. Is Don going to jump out a window? Will Peggy become the creative director she said she wants to be some day? Will Peggy go to Paris with that doctor guy? MORE SALLY DRAPER PLEASE.

Daredevil-Holy Crap you need to watch this! I knew it’d be on my Netflix queue and I’d get to it eventually. It’s everything I want Marvel shows to be, and with every other show popping up this is the one I find myself turning to most frequently. It’s so great.

Orphan Black- Creepy dude clones who have a glitch? Yeah, this season is off to an intense start. I am curious how it’ll all come together and I can’t help but think in season 5 that Sarah & Rudy & their siblings will all be on the same side against one of these corporate giants (or worse – the military!). I’m along for the ride, even if my husband always walks into the room while the craziest stuff is happening and he questions the woman he married.


I’m finally caught up on The Walking Dead comics and really loving where the story is going. I hope the TV show gets to some of this, but I’m doubtful it’ll be around THAT long. Ms. Marvel continues to keep me entertained as does Lazarus. I have a few new comics to check out still and hoping that this warm weather will force me outside to read more!

Ex Machina- someone recommended this comic to me a couple of years ago, I bought it and finally read it the other day. It’s a great concept about a super hero mayor of NYC after 9/11. It does seem a bit dated to me though, and that’s probably just me. I may pick up the next trade at the library at some point in the future.

Reminder: Free Comic Book Day is Saturday – May 2nd! This is a great chance to check out new titles, and if you have kids, take them with. I always snag a few fun titles for the kids in my life!


Kal Penn on The Nerdist was a great interview. Even if you don’t care for him as an actor, his work and WHY he got involved in the Obama Administration was fascinating.

Food News – One of the more ridiculous podcasts out there, this hails from Grantland and is a spinoff of another podcast. Two journalists talk about the latest food news (like the Sabra humus recall) and then they taste test something. And it’s always enjoyable (because “crab” shouldn’t be a flavor…)

Undisclosed I haven’t started this, I heard about it before it came out and just realized I’ve missed it! Whoops- this is a new podcast about Adan Sayed the subject of Serial, the most popular podcast EVER. I’ll check it out, but don’t have high hopes it’ll be amazing. Let me know what you think if you listen…

What about you? What have you been reading, watching and listening to this month? I can’t wait to talk about Pitch Perfect 2 and The Avengers Age of Ultron next month!

April Customer Service Roundup

You know how I love good Customer Service and tend to rant when I get bad customer service. So this month I thought I’d try something new. Here are my favorite customer service experiences for the month…

  1. MeUndies

    photographer_bestYup, I bought underwear online. And they are AWESOME. So I decided to sign up for their monthly club and “treat yo self” each month. I had a hard time figuring out how to do that because it wanted to send me the same pair again. So I went to their customer service page and boy if I wasn’t surprised that “Ryan” my CS rep was incredibly handsome and super helpful. I’m all set. And can’t wait for my May box to arrive!

  2. ThinkGeek IMG_9139

    I found a cool scarf on Think Geek’s site last week AND it was Star Wars, AND they were doing a special where I got a rad pin if I bought $x of Star Wars merch (which I did). And it was 20% off, but then I noticed I could only use ONE PROMO code. No cool pin for me. But when I tried to add the 2nd code? No problem – this is the right way to run a promo – what’s the worst that happens when you are giving something away for free AND have a discount code? You give them both and have a customer for life.

  3. My new CSA

    IMG_8592I signed up for a CSA last month and in my first box I got KALE, which no one ever wants. If you say you want it, you’re lying. So I shot my CSA a note when I saw kale was supposed to come in the next box and said “hey, no kale please, and also no X & Y.” And I got no response which always annoys me. But then my box showed up that week and written on the box were my substitutes for the stuff I didn’t want AND “extras” as an apology for the kale I received. There was so much delicious produce I thought we’d never eat it all!

  4. T-Mobile

    I’ve had terrible cell service since we moved to our new house. I had a client call two weeks ago where my phone dropped the call FIVE times. So I finally did a chat with T-Mobile last week and they said their engineers would check it out and add necessary support to our neighborhood. We’ll see if it works but hey, it wasn’t a “that’s too bad” which is really what I was expecting…

What about you? Did you have any great customer service experiences this month?